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Torggata Showroom and Office
Client : Curious Minds AS.
Location : Oslo, Torggata.
Year : 2015 - 2016.

Type : Office Space Interior / Showroom / Custom Furniture.
Size : 100 sqm. / 1000 sqf.
Status : Completed.

Special Thanks : Ole Alexander Mustad.
Collaborators : Per Christensen (blacksmith).
Team : Andreas Tingulstad.

Curious Minds is a retail based company, where half of its operation is mainly logistics and storage (backoffice), and the other half a showroom setting.

OAT approached the task with this at hand - two diametrically different worlds combined into one. OAT realized that wanted to experience the low's and the high's of the industry - a fashion world were one raely sees the "other" side. Where a catwalk meets the backwater o workwear.