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OAT spends most time developing projects within three categories : "to live" - "to stage" and "other curiosities".
Every project is investigated as an isolated incident - each waiting to be resolved on its own terms.

From research based collaborations to personal and impersonal pursuits - the process where we engage are driven by an enthusiastic will to expose the logic inherent within - our mission is always to discover what was always meant to be.

We typically engage in situations where the client is looking for new terrain - where the little something or the great unknown is yet to be found. We do not invent, we do not propose far fetched ideas - rather relevant strategies to the task at hand. The closer we get to fully understanding the hierarchy of challenges - the more likely we are to the ultimate result. A direct and honest communication is therefore adamant.




OAT is an architectural office run by Andreas Tingulstad, based in Oslo, Norway.


Projects currently underway vary from a ground up villa in Porto Rafti Greece, the complete renovation of a historic gem in a Oslo suburb, a furniture piece for a design savy couple, a Tribecca (NYC) loft renovation, a fashion showroom and the catwalks for Oslo Runway FW16.



Andreas had quite a dialectic upbringing, both growing up on a rural countryside farm in Norway, and in the south east asian city of Kuala Lumpur.  Living in Asia in those most formative years still influence his way of life and thinking.

Andreas holds a master of architecture degree from NTNU (Trondheim), AHO (Oslo) and Belleville (Paris).  While in school he was actively involved in the politics of architecture, both as an elected official and as a teaching assistant but also as an editor of a student review.  The hunger for clearity of vision became adamant; a pursuit he would pay much attention to in the following years.  In his journal, Andreas explores any relevant angle without prejudice, he practices and continues.







2015 - x
AHO (Oslo) / Studio Lecturer.

AHO (Oslo) / Diploma Advisor / Borghildur Rosa Runarsdottir / In wind and water - A sea bath in Reykjavik.

Chalmers (Gotenburg) / Diploma Advisor / Jonas Tjader and Johan Zetterholm / John Bauer Museum.

AHO (Oslo) / Diploma Advisor / Elisabeth Øymo and Jonas Lippestad / A home in the City - New living spaces in incomplete urban tissues.


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